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What is a website ?

Before learning webdesign course we should know what is a website, website is nothing but collections of webpages(HTML pages)filled with related information and stored in one place(server) call up with name(domain) name.

Which means a website contains complete information of an organization (i.e: Schools, Hospitals, realestate companies, pharma industries, IT Companies, all types of Service Providers, etc..) like their services, facilities, achievements, feedbacks, ..etc to show entire world, so imagine how website needs and plays a major role on getting success of one organization mean while how's a webdesigners position and role for getting succeed a organization who are developing a website .

Website Designing not a job it's a passiaon,creativity, you will enjoy the the work when you designing a website. Website desining job is mother of all software jobs like if you want to develop any website using backend coding languages like javaScript, Perl, Rust, .net, PHP, C#, Python, Ruby, NodeJS, etc.., you need a frontend webpage which is coded with HTML,CSS along with graphical elements like Icons, Logos, Banners, Buttons, header images, slider Images designed with graphical softwares like Adobe photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, CorelDRAW Graphics, for looks professional, neat attractive. When you visit a website first of all it will show webpage only which is designed by a website designer there after you will enter into dynamic part according to your inputs, so open webpage should be attractive to visitor. the webpage is nothing but when you see a page on internet when you open a website so without webpage we cant imagine a website its static or dynamic that webpage designed by a webdesigner only so imagine how a webdesigner plays a main role in IT field. Every single tech student dream is IT job, if you want to get a placement in IT sector The easiest way is learning web designing course, Learning webdesign is very easy and takes less time. Before learning webdesigning you need to know what actual webdesigning is and its uses,

Uses and importance of a Website and webdesigner :-

In the current digital market age most of the service providers choosing online platform for provide their services and all business coming online everyone is coming online and looking in search engines like GOOGLE, BING, YAHOO, FACEBOOK etc.. for the services they want you definitely need to have a website if you want to let such people know about your services. Google only puts the details of who owns the website in front of them Through the website we can get full details about our business which is very cost effective, can be online worldwide for 24/7/365 days we can gain new customers by showing our successes, Sending our business information to others is as simple as simply sending the URL of the website to others so they know all of our business information from where they are.Website is what gives us a professional identity in the marketplace. Just as a website is important in the development of a business, so is a webdesigner in developing that website.

Who can learn webdesigning course : Eligibility Criteria , Qualification :-

One of the best advantage for learning webdesigning course is There is no any particular Education Qualification needed minimum english knowledge is enough like 10, 10+2 intermediate candidates passionate in creative field no need previous computer knowledge and there is no age limit for learning webdesigning course. Can be learn students, house wifes, software employees passionate to learn new things, business holders who are having own websites and need to update business details in website regularly like sales,achievements, events, celebrations, etc.. not to depend any webdesigners.

Types of websites , Difference between static and dynamic websites :-

Depending on the nature of the website can be divided into two types One is a static website and the other is a dynamic website, a static website contains only fixed content The information on the static website is not subject to any changes. The static website does not require any database which simply displays the same information as what is retrieved on the HTML page when developing a webdesigner site and static websites suitable for startup companies, low budget business organigations because static websites build up in low budget compare to dynamicones.

Dynamic websites contains Database and developed with backend languages like ASP.NET, C++, JAVA,etc.. all the information of the website stored in database only, retrieve data from database according to viewer instructions, information on the Dyanamic website will be change according to functionality and dynamic websites need for large companies who have lot of clients retrive information his own like marriage bureaus, e-commerces websites etc...

What is Domain and Hosting ?

Domain and hosting are two different services. Domain is name of the website it can be used to open our website on the Internet like "www.companyname.com" here "companyname" called as Domain name and ".com" called as a Extension, we have somany extensions like .com , .in , .org , .net , .co.in etc.... it's not possible to take two domains with same domain name and same extension, need to change the extension if you want to take the domain name who someone already taken.
Extreme care must be taken when taking domain like:

  • > Domain name should not be lengthy.
  • > Easy to pronounce and written
  • > Try to cover services in domain name
  • > don't include famous company names in domain
  • > Avoid special characters like ( - , / ,..etc )
  • > Don't repeat double letters,words.
  • > Try to be sigle word.

make sure the domain name is large enough and not difficult because when you tell someone to your website address they will go to a different site where they enter diffrent letter instead of original letter try to cover your services with in the domain name itself and if possible buy domain from your account some clients approached me like our developer not connecting to us our domain and hosting website all details with him only how to get back our domain,if you are holding domain with you it will be secure and get a chance to run your website with available developer. And here we have notice that only few of domain extensions(.com) only have more value and other domain extensions get less value, nothing like that. Most of the people thinks .com extension brings more value to website and other extensions doesn't, there is no matter like that all extensions have same value and opens in world wide. Each domain holds its own IP Address and IP address holds long digit numbers based on that IP Address only google crawle the website its difficult to remember long digit numbers for simplifying that introdused domain names .

The domain only gives us the name of the website but the hosting must be strict for the website to run. Hosting is simply the place where our website is stored online, there is some types hostings are there like dedicated Hosting, shared Hosting, and VPS and reseller hosting we need to select as per our website like if we are running personal website shared hosting is enough or we are planning any e-commerce website cloud hosting is better option, for business purpose we need VPS Hosting and hosting is paid service we need to purchase from hosting companies on mothly, half yearly, yearly based also depends on our requirement and price also reduce acordingly time period if you purchase long period the price will reduce. for a website to run online both domain and hosting are required.

What is responsive webdesign ?

Responsive web design introduced in 2010, now a days people are using diffrent types of devices like smart phones, tablets, personal laptops, big size desktops etc.. so website need to open properly in all devices that's the purpose introduced responsive website design. By using reponsive design we will add some extra coding and tags in HTML and CSS so that our website changes their width dimensions acording to device and website will look out properly.

Adding Domain into Server :-

Here iam trying to explaing how to purchase and maintain your domain without anyone support.Buying a domain not a big deal we have a lot of online platforms to purchase the domain in market like Godaddy, bigrock, namecheap etc.. but we have to know what to do after buying a domain that we need to know how to link domain to our server . Mainly need to do some process (i.e) in domain company website dashboard we will find MANAGEDNS Tab by clicking it we will find nameservers option by default its shows domain company name servers here we have to update our name servers which is provided to us by the hosting company when we buy the hosting.

Best option for learning webdesigning course Online or Offline ?

Of course we have to give first priority to the offline course only, if you have a good institute near by, You have good transportation to get there That means you're definitely better off taking the offline option, in begining stage we get many doubts can be clarify directly to Lectresses.

There is also many benefits in online webdesigning course too. However, you can stay at home and learn, we can select the available time slot, record the live classes and listen repeatedly, save time and money for traveling.The demand for this Corona Effect online course has increased tremendously.

Webdesigning course fee duration :-

Webdesign course fee and duration depends on our selected course basically we have types in webdesigning courses like:

  • Diploma in Website Designing,
  • Advanced Diploma in Website Designing Course
  • B.Sc. in Web Designing and multimedia,
  • Diploma in Graphic and Website Designing,
  • Msc in E-commerce and Webdesigning
  • PG Diploma in Website Designing course,

and they will charge fee according to our selected course basically starts from Rs.5000/- to 2 lacks depending on institute and course like if you want learn in depth Graphic and Web designing the duration and fees also change accordingly. and Duration of the webdesigning course is minimum 40 days to maximum 2 years.

Can kids and school students learn Webdesigning course ?

As mentioned earlier there is no age limit for learning webdesigning in today's world of competition it is very important for children to be advanced so they need to be learn coding from an early age. If they learn from now on they will become perfect coders when they grow up and Learning HTML and webdesigning course is not something that is so difficult they can learn easily.

How to Get Webdesign Job / Placement ?

After completing websitedesigning course from reputed institute or experianced webdesigner then we raise the question is how to get web design job. for this we need to observe how companines recruiting employees what the process they are following?.Software Companies follow two ways process to recruit employes, one is direct recruitment, another one is taking help of HR consultancys. Most of the companies taking support consulting companies for recruiting candidates then how consulting companies providing candidates to company? consulting companies search for candidates in job portals like:

Naukri.com, Monsterindia.com, Timesjobs.com, Shine.com, Indeed.co.in,
Timesascent.com, Quikr.com, Linkedin.com, Glassdoor.co.in, Facebook Careers,
Careesma.in, jobrapido.com, IIMjobs.com, Myamcat.com, Placementindia.com,
Hirist.com, Nevvoo.co.in, Instahyre.com, Jooble.org, Jobgrin.co.in,

etc... So we need to design our resume properly, clearly, and need to upload on all job portals.

Can I earn money through my website ? How ?

Yes you can earn money through your website like:

  • by running other companies ads in your website
  • makes other websites popular
  • generate leads to other companies through your website
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Selling your Products (E-books,softwares,study material)
  • By maintaing E-commerce website.
  • By providing online courses

If you want to do all above things first of all you have to do popular your website by providing genuine and usefull information to viewers and it's works as a television,youtube chanel Whenever that website gets more visitors you can make money by running ads on such website but be sure to keep this in mind only when more visitors are coming to your website and the content they need is on your website Keep this thing in mind for sure.

As we mentioned earlier if you have powerful & Usefull content in your website viewers will come to your website after running ads on a website can make them money Why Any Company Places Ads In One Place To Increase Its Sales That's when sales increase when more people see those ads So it's important that more people are looking at our website Someone goes to a website or a YouTube channel for two things, one is entertainment and two is information, so make sure you have one of these two on your website.Provide usefull content to visitors such E-books,

How to get webdesigning projects after completing course as a freelancer :-

Freelancing immediate after completing webdesign course is not a good idea because we get lot of doubts when we are doing live projects. So we need to gain complete knowledge on website designing for that we need to work in company minimum two years then we will understand the subject and then it will be better if we do a freelancing. Next thing is how to get projects?, as we discussed earlier people searhing online for their requirements and services, so we need to design our own website perfectly and need to try our website visible first page in Google showing in firstpage of google not a easy we will get huge competition we need to SEO(Search Engine Optimization) need to follow w3c standards, google rules for website.

Marketing is very important to get projects whether it is offline or Online. Here some of low budget marketing sources

Social Media Marketing Email Marketing Bulk SMS Marketing News Paper Ads Cold calling (telecalling)
Google Adwords Pamphlet Ads Radio Ads Bus/Auto Ads Wall painting Ads
Hoarding Ads TV Ads Railway station anouncements Bus/Auto Ads Wall painting Ads

Doing marketing is not enough to get webdesign projects now a days clients are too smart and intelligent they can't proceed with you blindly just watching your advertisement and offers, they will check and review many things before they proceed like they will check your prevoius projects done, they will check your quality of work which you are providing, they will compare price, they will check lifetime of your services, they will check your clients list because for a webdesigner it's only a website but from a company end it's one of major source to their business they need to show all their services customers properly so they will review all the things and assist a project.

A webdesigner may get webdesignig projects through referance also from existing customers so we need give better,quality service to our prasent customers, need to complete website with in the time period, some customers get little confusion about his website that time we need to give suggestions if he fully satisfied with our service he will suggest you to his friends ,colleagues to take service from us so previous customer referance is one of the best source to get new projects.

website maintainer :-

Organizations who are having a websites need a webdesigner to add updates in website regularly, because every company will have regular updations in their Organization like events, partys, projects completions, success meets, outings, changing office addresses, phone numbers, Employes Email Ids etc.. so need to update all these details in website regularly, you will get a chance to do this job independently if you learn webdesigning course.

Difference between web designer and web developer :-

Webdesigner : "webdesigner" a word itself having "designer" where makes things design good, a webdesigner take care of website front-end designing appearance looks professional, makes website Visual appearance attractive and eye catchy using some graphical softwares like photoshop, coreldraw, Indesign, etc...they also well known of HTML, CSS.

Webdeveloper : Webdeveloper writes backend coding they also called as programmers, software engineers, they collaborate with webdesigners, UX designers to complete the projects. Usally Webdevelopers works with as team.

Cost and Duration for making website (price of website) :-

Price and Duration of website depends on type of website looking a customer, like we know in websites there is types like static, Dynamic, CMS, E-commerce, Marriage portals, etc...(and i have tryed to explain defferance between static and dynamic website on top). Generally static website price starting onwards from Rs.3500/- with 5 HTML pages,1 Domain(one year),Hosting (one year),2 Email Id's, and online Enquire form and takes 2 days time. and Dynamic website price and time based on requirement and functionality generally starts from 10k to 15k.

Topics and Softwares we are going to teach

Classroom and Online Web designing training institutes with real time Projects in Hyderabad,India

Responsive,HTML5,HTML,CSS Trainer classroom and online with real time Projects Experiance

Wedesign Training centers in Hyderabad,Vijayawada,Vizag,Warangal,Karimnagar, Pune,Delhi,Banglore,Noida,Mumbai,Calcutta, Hanamkonda, India,USA, UK,Singapore,Malaysia.
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Website Designer

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SEO Expert

Digital Marketer

Web Developer

Graphic Designer

Freelance Webdesigner

Web Trainer

Design and Layout Analyst

Senior Web Analyst

Web Marketing Analyst

Front-end Developer

Topics going to teach


Template Designing





Table method

Div tag method


Types of CSS


Jquery Sliders

Domain booking

About Hosting

Digital Marketing

Onpage SEO

Offpage SEO

Website Maintenance

Website re-design

project Analysis

Wordpress Introduction

Graphic Designing

Logo Designing

Banner Designing

Import Icons

PHP Enquiry form setup

Title Setup

Keywords Setup

FTP Account Creation

Webmail Creation

Outlook Configuration

E-mail Marketing

Content Marketing

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